Include Images In Your Lightning Email Templates

Inserting Images In Your Lightning Email Templates
Include Images In Your Lightning Email Templates

In my last post I have told you about how to Get ID of Custom Notification Type in Salesforce, So today I will tell you how to insert images in the Lightning Template. In the latest Summer’19 release new feature in Salesforce, ‘Include Images In Lightning Email Templates’ are now available.

Now, Let’s walk through the steps how to achieve this.

Step 1: Enable Folders and Advanced Sharing for Lightning Email Templates.

  1. Go to Setup → Lightning Email Templates → Toggle the Switch to “On”

Step 2: Create an Email Template folder.

You will need to add Email Template as a Tab in Lightning to access an Email Template folder.

Step 3: Navigate to Email Template and Add Folder.

Step 4: Create an Email Template in created Folder and Add Image.

Reference: Summer’19 Release Notes

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