Salesforce Lightning Web Components Advantage

LWC is Salesforce latest model for building Lightning components. The best part is, LWC can coexist with the existing Aura Component.

Remember : AURA components can contains Lightning Web Components but, LWC cannot contain Aura Components

Salesforce new love for Lightning – LWC (Lightning Web Components)

Let’s discuss some advantage of using the lightning web components.

Advantage of Lightning Web Components

  • Works on Modern Javascript LWC works on latest versions of javascript. ES6, ES7 ,ES8 and ES9. You can find some good tutorials here.
  • Better Execution LWC is based on the Web Components standards. They are pretty faster!
  • Components without UI You can write lightning webcomponent that doesn’t have its own UI and can work as a service for other component and can have reusable functions/methods. You don’t need to upload them in static resources which makes it more efficient.
  • More Secure As Web Components have concept of Shadow DOM, it makes them more secure. You can find some good tutorials about the shadow DOM here.
  • Easy to learn You don’t need much salesforce knowledge to work on Lightning Web Components. If you are familiar with Web Standards, you can easily create your own components.
  • Less Buggy And of course, LWC is not buggy as Lightning Aura Components.
  • Extensible Any JS library built on web standards can be easily integrated with LWC.
  • Better tools You can now use most standard web development tools such as webpack, git etc for developing LWC components.
  • Better support for legacy browsers LWC automatically provides polyfills for older browsers.

To Get Started with Salesforce Lightning Web Components, Click Here.

Parul Singh

I’m a Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant, Certified Administrator & Certified Platform Developer. I have 2 years of experience, currently working on Field Service Lightning, Lightning Flows and Learning Lightning Web Component. I was featured in the top Salesforce Bloggers of 2018 by

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